college student / working adult


Weekends in Korea feel surprisingly similar to weekends in Madison. Sometimes, when emerging from one of Seoul’s many bars after a long night out, I’m actually startled to find that Madison’s State Street and Capitol Building are not there to greet me. I know the atmospheric aesthetics of each locale are completely different, but I guess when you get a bunch of binge-drinking, twenty-something foreign transplants together – all of whom are entirely too eager to drown out their workweek woes – you can feel at home no matter where you are.

Last weekend I could have sworn I was in university once again, sipping on gin & tonics and passing the hookah ’round. But then that loathsome alarm clock of mine sounded for work on Monday morning. And I remembered: I’m no longer a college student; I’m a working adult. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.

My weekend, as a chronicle of venues:

Rainbow: An eclectic hookah bar in Gangnam that offers up good smoking, some decent music and the infamous Rum Bucket. Similar to a Long Island Iced Tea, this bucket is essentially a vessel of poor decision making and a surefire way to get completely smashed. It comes with a half dozen straws, but I shared it with just one other person. Bad idea.

The MeMe Project Pub: A colorful lounge with inventive decor and comfortable seating that serves some pretty unique (and rather disgusting) flavored beers. Located in Hongdae, this pub felt more like a cafe with its loud lighting and breezy spaces. I drank gin & juice and listened as my new friends discussed ultimate frisbee. Apparently UW-Madison has a wicked good team?

Jane’s Groove: A hip underground bar in Hongdae that features a lot of dancing to a lot of bad music (Hanson, anyone?). Like most everywhere in Seoul, the drinks were overpriced and the space was claustrophobic. But I enjoyed talking to the dozens of other foreigners, listening to fifty stories that sounded exactly like mine. (I graduated. I didn’t know what to do. I came to Korea.)

Ska2: A dark and disaffected dance club blaring the hip-hop rhythms and the R&B jams. Another Hongdae hotspot, this place, with its smoke machines and flashing lights, was downright seizure-inducing. I felt disoriented the entire time, struggling to stay upright as loads of hip-hop enthusiasts affronted me with their fanatic dance moves.

4 Responses to “college student / working adult”

  1. 1 whatupthen

    Which song do you think is worse, “MMMBop” or “Nobody”??

  2. 2 Stephanie

    Hehe it’s weird that you find out about your own school in a different country!

  3. 3 annbabe

    whatupthen: A very good question. Or maybe a very bad question, depending upon how you look at it! I hate k-pop with a vengeance, so I’m going to have to say “Nobody.”

  4. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for botox in seattle

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