a (not so) white christmas


Because I’m a hopeless news nerd, I subscribe to UW-Madison’s news releases and I actually read them. They really have no impact on my life here in Korea, but for some reason I like to know what’s going on at the school I no longer attend in the state I no longer live in. It might make no sense at all, but this is what I sometimes do in my spare time.

I received one such news release this morning. The subject line screamed from my email inbox, “Campus Prepares for Heavy Snow!”



MADISON – As the University of Wisconsin-Madison enters the last days of final exams, the campus is preparing for a major snowstorm forecast to arrive on Thursday evening and linger into Friday morning, bringing with it up to a foot of snow.

This storm has the potential to change the schedule of final exams. According to the National Weather Service, heavy snow and widespread blowing snow are expected.  The snow is expected to continue through about noon Friday.

I read it and couldn’t help but feel a bit envious. I wish I could look forward to strolling through a snow-covered Suwon on Christmas Day or having big watery flakes catch my eyelashes on Christmas Eve. So, please, my snow-ridden Wisconsin friends, could you do your best to remind my snow-deprived self how much I used to complain about having to trudge through mountains of slush just to get to a boring lecture or having to shovel my way out of my apartment the day after a big snowstorm?


2 Responses to “a (not so) white christmas”

  1. 1 jess

    ann, i’m happy to remind you of how crappy this weather is! i’m up because i’m supposed to work today, but can’t get in touch with anyone that might actually show up for work today, so i’m killing time online. we’re expecting 8-12 inches and it’s going to ruin my travel plans for going home and seeing family. how’s that so far?

    i am enjoying all of your blogs so keep it up! hope you are staying warm in your freezing classroom and that you’re having fun with your new friends 🙂 Miss you and will definitely get in touch with you over the holidays…wish you were here for a devilishly fun new years, but instead i’ll probably go to bed early!

  2. 2 Stephanie


    Everything about snow is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

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