a letter from a student


And just when you begin to think you might not be making a difference in this world, someone lets you know that you are …

To. Teacher Ann

Hello teacher. My English is too bad. Please understand my English. It’s interesting to talk with you. And thanks for your help every day. I think English is difficult. But you teach me easily so, thank you.¬† I can’t speak English well yet so I’m sad because I can’t speak a lot of conversation with you. I study English hard. One day … I want to talk to you free. I like you and my friends also like you because you so kind and teach us very well!! And you look so pretty ^_^ Enjoy when I study with you (your class or lessons (??)) and enjoy a conversation at lunch time. Anyway, I like Hugh Jackman. He visited Korea two days ago but I can’t saw him. He loves Korea, so I’m so happy. I want to go to United State. I saw an American crime (the movie) that was so sad and shock. Do you know this movie? It is a real story.. I’m sorry if you can’t understand it. Then, Good Bye Teacher. Thank you every day!! Have a nice day.

From. Minhee


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