UPDATE: After living in Korea for the past year, experiencing the culture, the people and the lifestyle, I’ve decided that I love this country too much to abandon it after just twelve months. For this reason, I’ve decided to stay in Korea, though perhaps not in Suwon, for another year. Thanks for reading! 01 Sept 09


Welcome to my new blog, an online travel log of my adventures in South Korea. A recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I will be spending the next year teaching English in Suwon before heading to graduate school in the fall of 2009. Though I’ll be offering up my English skills to my middle-school pupils, I expect they’ll have just as much to teach me in return, making me the true student of this experience. And as an adoptee originally from Korea and searching for my past, I probably have the most to learn. This blog aims to document my year abroad as I engage in this sort of cross-cultural exchange, teaching what I can and learning my own lessons in life, culture and transnational engagement.

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