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Like last year’s Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s in Korea, this year’s holiday season made me feel a little (a lot) lonesome for family and friends, and a little (a lot) sentimental about the end of another year of my life. And just like last year, I did my best to make the most of […]

my home


After a flash of a week at home in Wisconsin, I’m back in Suwon, Korea. Suwon, my home away from home — or maybe my actual home, my new home, my adopted home — I’m never quite certain. These sorts of distinctions grow more and more blurred, and perhaps less and less important, by the […]

with love


A belated HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY wish to all of my loved ones at home! And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandpa, who is turning 94 today! MISSING YOU, ANN

Only ONE day remains. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. Because in recent days I’ve come to realize: Just because I won’t be receiving all that many gifts this year doesn’t mean I can’t give them out. And, truly, though it sounds rather trite, the gratitude that’s offered in exchange is like a present in and […]

Sometimes it’s easy for me to completely forget where I am. Disconcertingly easy. If I’m listening to my favorite Velvet Underground tune on my iPod while taking an afternoon stroll, it feels like I could be walking just about anywhere. And if I’m watching a downloaded episode of Arrested Development, it seems I could turn my […]