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Just like anywhere else you’d call home, where life is molded by duty and sculpted by habit, life in Korea doesn’t vary a whole lot from day to day. There are the whirlwind weekends in Seoul, the trips out of town to visit friends, the holidays abroad to explore Asia. But more often than not, […]

This past weekend I ventured out of my familiar safety centers of Suwon and Seoul. It was my first time to leave the Gyeonggi-do area since arriving in Korea four months ago. And, once the whirlwind weekend had come to a close and I had taken the time to sit back and reflect on my […]

I have a confession to make: I’ve become a Now Bar regular. I came to this realization Thursday night when I stopped in to grab a few drinks with a friend and Mrs. C., the owner, knew my order without even asking me. Before I could open my mouth, she was reaching for a mug […]

Sometimes it’s easy for me to completely forget where I am. Disconcertingly easy. If I’m listening to my favorite Velvet Underground tune on my iPod while taking an afternoon stroll, it feels like I could be walking just about anywhere. And if I’m watching a downloaded episode of Arrested Development, it seems I could turn my […]



People from home have been asking me to tell them about who I spend my days and nights with here in Korea. And it occurred to me that I should make more of an effort to do this, to connect old friends with new friends, even if only in my stories and in my thoughts.  […]

At the GEPIK Convention I was a college student once again, or at least I liked to imagine I was. Spending four days at the Hynix and Hyundai Learning Center in Yong-in felt like I was reembarking on my collegiate career, as I attended educational lectures and discussions, shacked up in dorm-style accommodations and met dozens […]

At the end of a workday, I want nothing more than to have a grown-up conversation. I want to talk about something other than American celebrities, old boyfriends and pop music. I want to remember how old I am, and act like it, too. Well, I’m not sure if singing Dancing Queen at the top […]