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The countdown is over. Currently, I’m at Incheon International Airport, officially checked in and awaiting takeoff. Only 34 minutes until boarding time! The next time I write, I’ll be in 31°C weather and working on my suntan. Now, tell me you’re not jealous! xx

It’s amazing how quickly Korea can spoil you with its outstanding capacity for travel and adventure. With the Gyeonggi-do public school system’s contractual 20 days of paid vacation and Korea’s prime location in the heart of Eastern Asia, it’s standard for most ESL teachers to take two or three trips abroad in a single year. […]

my home


After a flash of a week at home in Wisconsin, I’m back in Suwon, Korea. Suwon, my home away from home — or maybe my actual home, my new home, my adopted home — I’m never quite certain. These sorts of distinctions grow more and more blurred, and perhaps less and less important, by the […]



After a very long series of bus rides and flights, layovers and transfers, I’m back in Wisconsin and feeling exhilirated (and exhausted)! I’ll be here until next Wednesday, and then it’s back to Suwon. But I’m not thinking about that. Right now I’m only focusing on this next week and how excited I am to […]

1 new stamp in my passport, proclaiming my admittance to the R.O.C. 1 broken hand, fractured at the fifth metacarpal, from taking a tumble at the Taroko Gorge 319 photos and 11 videos of my island journeys through Taipei, Kaohsiung, Kenting, Hualien and Taroko a dozen unflattering tan lines from the harsh subtropical sun 1 […]

May 5 in Korea marks Children’s Day, a popular national holiday that celebrates kids and gives them the day off from school. Typically, parents show their love and appreciation by spending time with their children and presenting them with small gifts. The holiday is just one way for the country to honor its children, who, […]



Time speeds along in Korea with more velocity than I’d ever known back at home. It seems I end one week with a slow exhale, and by the time I’m ready to take my next breath, the next week has already come and gone. The days in Korea fade far faster, while the nights in […]

alive and well


In recent weeks I’ve gotten quite a few messages inquiring whether I am still alive and well, or, at the very least, alive. Well, despite my rather conspicuous absence from the blogosphere, I am indeed alive. And I am well, too. Very, very well! So, no, I did not get quarantined and detained in Thailand. […]



A travel update for family, friends and I suppose anyone else who cares to know: After just one day in Bangkok, I’m off to the islands tonight. First stop: Koh Phi Phi. Then: Koh Lanta. Finally: Phuket. I’m typing as fast as I can from the hotel’s computer lobby. Ten baht for ten minutes, with […]



After spending a very amusing but very random night in Bupyeong, a small section of Incheon just off of railway Line 1, I’m back at the airport and ready for takeoff. My flight leaves in an hour and a half, and this time I’m going to be on it.