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Some days I love my job as a middle school teacher. Those are the days when I go to work feeling exceedingly optimistic and strongwilled – when I don’t let all the problems get to me and I am able to carry on with the same purpose I had when I first began. But more […]

At the GEPIK Convention I was a college student once again, or at least I liked to imagine I was. Spending four days at the Hynix and Hyundai Learning Center in Yong-in felt like I was reembarking on my collegiate career, as I attended educational lectures and discussions, shacked up in dorm-style accommodations and met dozens […]

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Teaching is learning, a continual process of gathering bits of knowledge while always knowing that you’ll never know enough. Teaching is learning, and I certainly have the most to learn. I know that I am smart and resourceful, that I didn’t endure four years of university exams and essays with nothing to show for it, […]

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A group of my students tried to come home with me yesterday, following me from the school, down the hill and over the bridge as I made my way to my apartment. “Where do you live, teacher?! We want to come, too!” Their little faces scrunched as they giggled. Feeling like a mother goose with […]

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  I work at Maehyang Middle School, a private girls’ institution founded by Methodist missionaries in 1902. Tucked unassumingly along the outermost edge of the massive Hwaseong Fortress, the school sits atop a steep and dusty hill, as if in planned accordance with John Winthrop’s classic vision. The school is poor but proud, bringing together […]