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winter wonders


My favorite indulgences of the season. alexi murdoch, sad, simple melodies for not-so-simple times goguma (sweet potato) lattes from holly’s coffee, surprisingly delicious naps, best had between the workday’s end and the night’s beginning wine, of any variety jane’s groove, a hongdae hot spot with the right music for dancing plain jam sandwiches, because peanut butter is just […]

After nearly two months and zero posts, I think it’s official: I’ve been a naughty blogger this year! Put me on the list! My apologies.

happy november!


November is here! Today, while walking to Dominos to get some hangover pizza, I felt happy just knowing that fact. The temperature has finally dropped, things are changing, and the world–and me along with it–is moving forward.

– from A to Z – A, Age of Consent by New Order B, Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell C, Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens D, Dreams by TV on the Radio E, Electric Feel by MGMT F, Falling out of Trees by Barcelona G, Go by the Apples in Stereo H, Hummer […]

it’s friday!


And that makes me so very happy! Okay. That’s all.

oh, mom


Last night I talked to my mom, who has been quite worried that my job has driven me to unhealthy levels of drinking, smoking and other forms of debauchery. I won’t comment on this, but I will share one particularly funny bit of our conversation: MOM > Ann, what is this hookah thing you’re doing […]

After a recent flood of concerned emails, messages and comments from home, I’ve realized my blog posts make my life sound much gloomier than is actually the case. Though I do feel lonely at times, I’m certainly not as depressed as you might think. Writing just seems to draw out all of my most dramatized […]

With no turkeys in sight and my family halfway around the world, Thanksgiving was a pretty glum day for me. But I did manage to celebrate the holiday in my own way. It involved good food and good friends, so in the end I suppose I could have been a whole lot worse off. After work […]

At the GEPIK Convention I was a college student once again, or at least I liked to imagine I was. Spending four days at the Hynix and Hyundai Learning Center in Yong-in felt like I was reembarking on my collegiate career, as I attended educational lectures and discussions, shacked up in dorm-style accommodations and met dozens […]