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capital quake


According to today’s news reports, Seoul was shaken by a mild earthquake Tuesday night. Registering at a 3.0 magnitude, the quake was the first of its degree to be detected in more than 30 years. No one was injured. One of Korea’s top English newspapers, The Chosun Ilbo, reported the earthquake could be felt in […]

oh october!


October is here, and with it the feeling that autumn has officially arrived! Although the weather in Korea is not as cool and crisp as what you might find in Wisconsin at this time of the year, it’s beautiful outside — bright and breezy during the day and a little bit brisk at night, with a […]

I’ve got nothing against The Carpenters, but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with them. Despite the fact that today is both a rainy day and a Monday, I’m feeling fantastic. Perhaps the two conditions cancel each other out, kind of like double negatives turning positive in basic multiplication problems? Besides, I’d better get […]

Because I’m a hopeless news nerd, I subscribe to UW-Madison’s news releases and I actually read them. They really have no impact on my life here in Korea, but for some reason I like to know what’s going on at the school I no longer attend in the state I no longer live in. It […]



Local Weather Conditions: 1° C (34° F) This morning I walked into my school to find that it actually feels colder inside than it does outside. I had to laugh at this, though it wasn’t the most sincere laugh I’ve ever voiced. Maehyang, like some other schools in Korea, has no central heating system. Instead, […]