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Only ONE day remains. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. Because in recent days I’ve come to realize: Just because I won’t be receiving all that many gifts this year doesn’t mean I can’t give them out. And, truly, though it sounds rather trite, the gratitude that’s offered in exchange is like a present in and […]

still counting


FIVE DAYS!!! Every time I look at the calendar I feel surprised all over again. With everyone around me seemingly oblivious to the upcoming holiday, I never remember how close it actually is. I asked my students how they celebrate Christmas. They said they don’t. So on Friday I taught my students the following: Where […]

10 days …


… until Christmas … HOLIDAY PLANS. X-mas Eve. Enjoy an overpriced Western-style meal in Itaewon with a few close friends. Drink copious volumes of red wine while watching classic Christmas movies. Fall asleep beneath a string of twinkling Christmas lights. X-mas Day. Scavenge for turkey, mashed potatoes and other holiday fixings. Head over to Yeongtong to […]

15 days …


… l e f t There is one good thing about spending Christmas in a foreign country: I get to be the one introducing the holiday to a group of kids who have never had much of a reason to think it’s all that special.

20 days ’til x-mas … I’m in the midst of trying to plan a holiday meal that doesn’t require an oven but still tastes like home. Quite the challenge for a girl who never cooks!

December is here! … And I’ve realized that I’m without an advent calendar this holiday season. I’m a little upset I forgot to ask my mom to send me one. Oh well. I’ll have to find another way to count down the days until Christmas. Maybe 25 bottles of soju?